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Omar Echeverría debuts in the Tokyo Paralympic Games

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Yucatecan Omar Echeverría, backed by the state of Quintana Roo, is looking for a medal in Tokyo 2020.

Omar Echeverría qualified last year to join the Tokio 2020 Olympics. Photo: Courtesy

The athlete will compete in the qualifying round of archery at noon today, Mérida time. This round will define who he will compete against in search of a Paralympic medal.

In a recent interview, Omar shared his desire of returning to Mexico with the prize around his neck. 

“We are working to win a medal,” says Omar. “I’m also aware that, if at this moment I don’t get it, God willing there will be another chance, not everything is given at first try. However, we are here wishing to achieve it.”

Today at noon, he will debut in the Paralympic Olympic games. Photo: Courtesy

He hopes to join swimmer Fabiola Ramirez on the podium, the first Mexican to win a medal at these Olympic Games — by winning bronze in the para-swimming competition.

In the 2020 Pan American Para-Championships, Omar won the gold and qualified for Tokyo 2021.

Originally from Merida, he’s thankful to all of the peninsula for its support, especially grateful to the state of Quintana Roo, which supports him as a state representative. He has lived in the state since he was young, between Tulum and Solidaridad.

Omar Echeverría during training. He left to Tokio supported by the state of Quintana Roo, where has lived in most of his life. Photo: Courtesy

Omar says that through discipline, concentration, and assiduous training, he found in archery a scenario that led him to fulfill his dream.

Humbly, he adds that his individual effort has been combined with the support of his family and the community of Playa del Carmen: “Family and friends are an impulse to keep going. They have supported me in many different ways, from economic to emotional relief. All those people are important to me. This work, being here in Tokyo 2020, is also theirs.”

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