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Thursday, December 8, 2022

On Saturday, 1 new case and 2 deaths as Yucatán reports COVID’s continued decline

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Coronavirus cases in Yucatan fell by nearly 59% this week while deaths dropped to an average of 1.6 a day.

Yucatán health ministry officials counted 16 cases and 11 deaths in the last seven days. Saturday’s total was one new infection and two fatalities. Nine new hospital patients were also reported, perhaps attributable to a lag in reporting or patients whose conditions worsened. Admissions in public facilities totaled 21.

Home quarantines dipped Saturday by 10 to reach 59. That total was around 700 just a month ago, when daily COVID-19 cases were over 100.

Two elderly men with comorbidities died Saturday. One patient, 74, lived in Umán while an 83-year-old lived in Motul. 

This week represents a huge turnaround, especially on Tuesday when no deaths or new cases were found.

Cases since March 2020 have reached 109,588; 7% of patients have died.

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