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Oranges galore at 33rd Oxkutzcab festival

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An elaborate replica of the Arco de Labna, a Mayan ruin in the Puuc Hills, is made of oranges. Photo: Handout

Oxkutzcab, Yucatán — La Feria de la Naranja kicked off last night with the coronation of their Orange Queen, as well as fireworks and stilt walkers.

The Orange Fair is pretty much like any other fair: A Mayan purification ceremony followed  by vaquería music from the Jaranera band was first on the agenda.

Festivities continue today at 7. There will be dance performances, a circus show and singers at the Teatro del Pueblo and the Julio Matos Fuentes field.

A Mayan temple, made of oranges. It’s based on the so-called Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal. Photo: Handout

So where are the oranges in this lineup? They’re in the pavilion, where unique and creative installations using oranges will be featured.

Two mega structures decorated with citrus represent the iconic Mayan structures Arco de Labna and the Temple of the Adivino, also called the Pyramid of the Magician, at Uxmal.

This is the 33rd edition of the fair, and some 100 tons of fruit were used in the citrus exhibition.

The fair lasts all week, until Sunday, Dec. 10, with dance recitals and music concerts daily.

For more information and photos from the fair, follow the city’s Facebook page.

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