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Overflow patients sent to Siglo XXI makeshift hospital starting Monday

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A makeshift hospital at the Siglo XXI convention center awaits patients. Photo: Courtesy

The Siglo XXI’s main exhibit was converted into a makeshift hospital when beds and equipment were rolled in back in April. Starting Monday, coronavirus patients will follow.

Convalescing patients will be transferred to Siglo XXI from overwhelmed IMSS, ISSSTE, Regional de Alta Especialidad and Dr. Agustín O’Horán public hospitals. That will free up hospital beds for patients in more serious condition.

While Merida’s public hospitals were officially occupied at 43%, the Benito Juarez Garcia IMSS hospital reported that it was at full capacity.

Siglo XXI’s makeshift hospital has 490 beds including 52 with ventilators, 123 beds are for intermediate care and 315 for minimum care. Having adequate hospital capacity is key to moving away from a red-alert that locks down the economy. The state also built a pre-fab hospital in Valladolid, and that too has begun accepting patients.

Although IMSS, ISSSTE and the Regional de Alta Especialidad hospitals are under federal domain, it was state resources that supplied them with extra equipment and supplies to fight the spread of coronavirus, a Yucatan government press release stated. State officials are also employing police to direct traffic around Siglo XXI’s roadways to accommodate emergency vehicles.

As part of this road operation, calles 3-B and 5-B, both between 60 and 20, will remain closed. As for Calle 20-A, where the state government’s administrative buildings are located, the south-to-north lane will be restricted. Calle 60 will remain open as usual.

Dr. Darwin España Fuentes has been appointed as the director of the temporary hospital.

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