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Palace of Music’s neighbor is a faded gem

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Across the street from a modern new museum is a historic building that is being overlooked. Photo: Google

Mérida, Yucatán —  A plaque reveals a Centro building’s celebrated history: “On this estate lived Don Luis Rosado Vega (1873-1958) Poet and Writer. Glory of Yucatan.”

Its glory days are long gone, even as the city buzzes around it.

Today this property is called Plaza Internacional, at least that what the signs say at its two main entrances. And before that, it was the International Cinema.

Then there is the Palace of Music that’s rising across directly across it on Calle 58 near 59, a contrast of new and old. The new building, a museum and research center devoted to the country’s musical heritage, is due to open by the end of the year.

Diario de Yucatán takes note of this juxtaposition. Although some small shops operate facing the sidewalk, the inside is largely empty and deteriorating. Walls are crumbling and in places defaced by students who come by to pass the time.

Plaza Internacional’s interior courtyard. Photo: Diario de Yucatán

Although clean, the ravages of abandonment have made a dent in this old building, especially on the top floor, where a small beauty school operates surrounded by empty rooms.

An interior garden with a large palm tree embellishes the old house, which has retained its wooden ceiling beams. The top floor has 16 beautiful Arabic-style arches facing the courtyard.

One of the shopkeepers across the street told Diario that he hopes something positive comes to the building from the Palace of Music across the street.

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