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Pandemic closes 100 tienditas and corner stores across Yucatan

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An estimated 100 small corner stores, already struggling, have been pushed into closure by the coronavirus pandemic. Photo: File

After four months of coronavirus contingency, some 100 small shops and corner stores have had to close, said the Yucatan business chamber.

Tienditas, as they are known, have been endangered for years, facing competition from chain stores. But the economic crisis caused by the lockdown was the final straw for many tiny mom-and-pop shops.

Inflation and high energy prices had already pushed small shops on the brink, said the president of Canacope, Jorge Cardeña Licona. High unemployment has also reduced the spending power of their customers.

While some businesses closed their doors, others were forced to transfer ownership or rent to others to cut their losses, he said.

“The federal tax authorities do not forgive and condone,” said Cardeña Licona, “You have to pay taxes. Money is insufficient to supply the stores with food and the high bills for electricity consumption have led to the bankruptcy of several members, which is why many have closed.”

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