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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

People in Merida’s north hit with nighttime power failures

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Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
Carlos Rosado van der Gracht
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Power outages are a common occurrence in Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy

Power outages in northern Mérida caused anger among tens of thousands of residents. 

The unexpected interruption of electricity affected users in areas such as Francisco I. Madero, Juan Pablo II and Ciudad Caucel. 

The outages began at 9 p.m. and continued into the wee hours of the morning. 

Angry customers complained that although the outages happened at night, it was tremendously disruptive as, without air conditioning or fans, it was nearly impossible to sleep. 

April and May are the hottest months of the year in Yucatán. Even at night, it is not unusual for temperatures to remain above 30 degrees celsius. 

Several users reported that the 071 hotline to report outages to CFE was out of order, many suspect on purpose. 

“We are sick of these power outages and the awful service provided by the CFE. The power will go out for hours at a time and no one ever answers the complaint line, what a coincidence!” tweeted @FaustoKings.

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This most recent bout of outages comes on the heels of an announcement by the CFE that customers in Yucatán should expect to see their energy costs rise in the month of April. 

As demand on the electricity grid continues to grow and production stagnates, power outages have become a fairly common occurrence in much of Yucatán.

The CFE has not offered any explanation for the power outages or if users should expect to see more of them in the coming days. 

Several citizen groups and lawmakers have called on CFE’s general director, Manuel Bartlett Díaz, to account for failures in the national power grid. Bartlett Díaz has remained silent on the issue.

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