A picture-perfect pitch for Valladolid

With 15 pictures, Goats on the Road make the case for a trip to Valladolid.
With 15 pictures, Goats on the Road make the case for a trip to Valladolid.

The globetrotting bloggers called Goats on the Road stayed two weeks in Valladolid, and made a compelling case for other travelers to follow suit.

The photo essay was meant to sway people all over the world, but should be a reminder to people on the peninsula that it’s time for a jaunt to Mérida’s smaller, quieter colonial cousin.

Behind the blog are the husband-and-wife team of Nick and Dariece, who have been nomadic writers since 2008.

Normally, they post roundups on entire countries, not just cities, but then they made an exception.

“Well, in the case of Valladolid, we had such a jam-packed 2 weeks there that we figured we should write about all of our cultural, gastronomic and nature-filled experiences in one place,” the goats wrote. “The fact that we stayed for two weeks proves how much this town has to offer to travelers!”

The Goats particularly recommend a visit to the tequila distillery, the traditional theatre, the chocolate factory and the churches and squares, and to “rent a bike to explore on your own steam.”

Here’s their vibrant and quite convincing photo gallery.

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