Piñuela closes suddenly, leaving a gap on Calle 60

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Piñuela served breakfast, lunch and dinner off the lobby of the Hotel Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

Merida, Yucatan — After just a little over two years, the Piñuela restaurant has shuttered, and a prominent Centro corner is now vacant.

Despite a 2018 “best hotel restaurant” nomination in Food & Travel magazine, the eatery never really caught on.

The restaurant, off the lobby of the Hotel Merida, got rave reviews for its food, but grumbling persisted over service and rising prices.

Piñuela, operated by the owners of the nationally acclaimed Ku’uk, featured an upscale take on Yucatecan cuisine and had a well thought-out cocktail bar.

Diners complained, however, about a listless staff and disappearing menu items.

Still, in March, they earned this OpenTable rave from a visitor from Orlando: “Another new favorite when are at our home in Merida. They are always willing to help with guiding us to the best dining experience with fabulous recommendations. We are alway surprised with each new dish. Love it!”

For every positive review, a negative one followed, however.

“Soon, this could be just another hotel cafe for tourists who do not plan on returning,” warned a prolific TripAdvisor critic from Merida.

The restaurant was also one block from Parque Santa Lucia, where a cluster of popular food-and-drink establishments completed.

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