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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Playboy ‘bunnies’ in Mérida arrested in immigration raid

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Playboy Playmates mingle at a traveling music festival that stopped in Mérida on Friday. Photo: Playboy

Mérida, Yucatán — Hacienda Chichi Suárez was a stand-in for the Playboy mansion on Friday until immigration officials came and broke up the party.

Agents arrested one man and six women — the latter mostly working as “bunnies” or models — for working without a proper visa. They were transferred to the Instituto Nacional de Migración and held overnight. Guests, who were largely nationals, were blocked from exiting the premises during the raid.

Among the Playmates arrested are French model Marie Brethenoux and Elif Celik, who is from Turkey.

The authorities did not issue a statement or explain the special scrutiny, said Sipse and other news organizations.

Playboy bunnies hired for a three-day tour of Mexico, pose in Mérida before immigration officials arrived. Photo: Facebook

Meanwhile, Playboy Mexico, on its official Facebook page, issued a statement in which it complained that Mexican authorities had committed abuse by interrupting an event that was made “for the coexistence of all our followers.”

Tickets sold for anywhere from 300 pesos for limited access to 2,000 pesos for a “backstage pass” to hang out with models.

News of the event flooded social networks, because no such disruption happened at a previous edition of the Playboy Music Fest in Monterrey on June 3.

A backstage pass gives guests total access at the Playboy Music Fest. Photo: Playboy

A Cancun edition was scheduled for today at the Mandala Beach Club, concluding the three-stop event. This was the first-ever such tour for Playboy Mexico.

The Mérida event promised food, beer, music, 10 Playmates and 100 bunnies in the iconic ears and cotton-ball tails. More than 10 hours of “music and fun” were on the bill.

Sipse said that the crackdown is a response to wider immigration policies enforced in the United States under the Trump administration.

Playboy started in 1953 as a magazine that featured pictorials of nude or semi-nude women. It has since spun off into an international lifestyle brand.

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