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Police seek mototaxi driver who stole elderly street vendor’s fruits and vegetables

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Doña Candelaria Carrillo, a street vendor in Umán, is given cash to compensate her for the theft of sight boxes of produce she had grown and had planned to sell..

A mototaxi driver stole all eight boxes of produce that 75-year-old Doña Candelaria Carrillo had planned to sell in Uman, officials there said.

“Candita,” as she is known, boarded a motorcycle taxi with eight boxes of fruits and vegetables she grew to sell at the market. But the driver made off with the inventory, which was worth about 1,500 pesos, Mayor Freddy Ruz Guzmán said.

In the face of social media outrage, Guzmán, found the woman and compensated her for the lost in 1,500 pesos cash.

The mayor said he found the lady very upset and sad, seeing someone steal what took weeks of work and effort to harvest.

The driver is still at large.

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