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Potable water project underway in Holbox

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Holbox, Q. Roo — A new and expanded potable water supply network for the fragile island is in the bidding process and will begin within a month.

The work is slated in the next 30 days, with new lines scheduled in December of this year as long as weather conditions remain good. Poor weather could stall the project by a month or two.

Gerardo Mora Vallejo, director of the state Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA), blamed the island’s infrastructure problems on previous governing administrations.

“We are 100 percent outfitting the island with sanitary sewer and drinking water. We are walking hand in hand with CFE, which is doing the same in electrical networks, which sometimes interrupts the pumping of water, but they are bitter medicines that will enable the drinking water and sanitary drainage equipment,” Mora Vallejo explained.

Mora Vallejo added that they will work in a way that does not affect the tourist activities of the island .

“We will work by sectors on four fronts. They are ditches of 50 to 60 centimeters with a width of 30 to 45 centimeters. This is not very invasive. We will work very fast in different shifts to finish as soon as possible,” he added.

The work is part of a three-part project that, once complete, will properly outfit the island with fresh water and sewage drains.

Holbox is under pressure to serve a growing tourist base, despite the fact that it is reached mainly by a 90-minute ferry ride from Cancun and has limited infrastructure.

Source: Sipse

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