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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Power cut to neighbors as crews try to save portion of mansion

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An abandoned old mansion in the Centro is coming down. Photo: Reporteros Hoy

Mérida, Yucatán — Portions of a once-grand two-story mansion, built apparently during the city’s golden age, is coming down after decades of neglect by owners who used it as a candy store stock room.

The city is attempting to salvage part of the historic structure, said Aref Karam Espósitos, director of Urban Development. Work could be completed in a week or two, he told reporters.

Electrical, telephone and cable lines were cut temporarily to the neighborhood around Calle 65 and 44 on Wednesday morning as officials began to demolish an old mansion that partially collapsed into the street.

Removing a building with shared walls in an urban area is tricky business. Crews approached the ruin, now covered in graffiti and vegetation, with caution.

City officials apologized for the inconvenience to neighbors, assuring that measures are meant to ensure their safety. According to the CFE, the streets in which the power supply will be interrupted are 46 between 59 and 61; 61 between 44 and 46; 61 between 44 and 42; 44 between 61 and 63; 63 between 44 and 46; 63 between 44 and 42; 65 between 46 and 48; 65 between 48 and 50; 65 between 44 and 46; 65 between44 and 42; 44 between 65 and 67 and 44 between 63 and 65.

Google captured this Street View image of the property in March 2016.

Inside the ruin

Exploring the home’s interior, crews encountered several trees, including what they called a “ceiba bonsai” on the second floor.

The property has been owned since 1982 by the people who run a candy shop next door, according to Reporteros Hoy. One of the rooms of the house served as storage for the shop, according to the report.

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