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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Prepare for 50° hot flash this week in Merida

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If Yucatan were surrounded by mountains, we’d be called Mexico’s Death Valley, because that’s how hot it’s gotten.

Maximum temperatures will continue ​​between 40-45 C / 104-111F, but as humidity increases this week and breezes stall out, it will feel more like 50C / 122F, if you can imagine it.

Some isolated rains are also forecast, according to Juan Antonio Palma at Meteorología Yucatán.

For Merida, partly cloudy skies are expected Tuesday, which begins with lows as refreshing as 20-25C / 68-77F but peaking at 43C / 109.4F.

Winds from the east-southeast will shift northeast in the late afternoon with top speeds of up to 45 km / 28 mph.

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