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Mexico sues 3 airlines for luggage fees; Volaris fights back

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Volaris is defending its policy of charging for the first piece of checked luggage. Photo: YouTube

Profeco, Mexico’s Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office, is suing Aeroméxico, Volaris and Interjet for charging passengers extra to check suitcases on fights to the U.S. and Canada. 

This is not a charge for additional suitcases. It’s a charge for every piece of checked luggage.

Volaris has replied to the suit by asserting their right to charge as they see fit, which they say helps keep ticket prices down.

“At Volaris we developed the necessary mechanisms for passengers to reduce their travel costs, allowing them to include only the services they need,” an airline spokesman said.

Only customers in premier or priority classes are spared the fee.

Either directly or through connections, Volaris flies to Mérida from over 65 cities in the Americas.

Since February, Aeromexico has charged 500 pesos ($25 USD) for the first suitcase when paying at the airport and 400 pesos ($20 USD) if pre-purchased.

Since March, Volaris has charged 400 pesos per suitcase in advance and 450 pesos ($23 USD) at the airport. 

In April, Interjet began charging 500 pesos for each bag.

Profeco reports that it initiated infringement proceedings against the three airlines because it believes that charging for the first suitcase violates the rights of passengers under Mexico’s Civil Aviation Act.

In addition, Article 47 of the law, which was modified and approved last Thursday in the Senate, establishes passengers’ rights to carry a minimum of 25 kilos of luggage.

Profeco characterizes the suitcase fee as an “abusive commercial practice.”

Source: HuffPost Mexico

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