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Profeco suspends VIP cinema, food vendor, in seasonal crackdown

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Profeco, the consumer protection agency of Mexico. Photo: Facebook

Mérida, Yucatán — After 22 surprise inspections, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), suspended both a VIP cinema and a food vendor/restaurant after finding they violated the rules.

And more shutdowns are anticipated in the weeks leading to Easter Sunday.

The restaurant was found to have inaccurate scales and 250 canned seafood products lacking labels with complete information. Both the cinema and the restaurant failed to post prices, Profeco said.

The names of the affected establishments were not announced.

The crackdown is meant to protect the wave of vacationers who will arrive for Holy Week.

Profeco is stationed in the Lucas de Gálvez market, monitoring seafood prices, reported José Antonio Nevares Cervera, of Profeco.

Last year’s Holy Week crackdown snagged five businesses, which were closed and accused of inaccurately weighing their seafood.

The operation lasts 40 days and intensified beginning on Ash Wednesday. The inspectors will visit restaurants, markets, self-service stores and any type of business where seafood is sold, said Nevares Cervera.

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