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Progreso Carnaval: 25 tons of garbage removed before cruise ship arrives

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Carnaval in Progreso is popular among young people. Photo: Yucatán a la Mano

Progreso, Yucatán — Some 25 tons of garbage was left by more than 150,000 Carnaval visitors over the weekend.

Unlike Mérida, the port city still celebrates Carnaval within city limits, with a parade along the malecón and concerts on west beach.

Cans of beer sold for 20 pesos on the beach. And the empties were left on the beach when trash cans overflowed.

Gangs of sweepers at 5:30 a.m. the next morning struggled to clean the streets and the beaches because another “Carnival” arrived — the cruise ship Fantasy.

Progreso police reported that on Sunday, 61 Carnaval partiers were arrested, 27 for being drunk and belligerent.

A fight broke out Saturday night at the beach dance area, when several drunken women argued and threw punches, police reported. They were separated before the police arrived and no arrests were made.

And tempers rose at a convenience store on Avenida del Malecon when the crowd overwhelmed an Oxxo and the manager decided to close the store early. Its glass door was shattered by a customer demanding more beer.

No arrests were reported at the store.

Source: Diario de Yucatán, Yucatán a la Mano

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