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Progreso creates ecological police corps in battle against illegal dumping

16-person squad will crack down on pollution

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Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi will announce a special anti-pollution police squad. Photo: Facebook

Progreso — The mayor on Monday will introduce a new Ecological Police Corps, a special squad to catch polluters.

It is the first such squad, carved out of a municipal police force, in Yucatan.

The 16-person corps joins the tourist police, which since September has patrolled the malecon, west beach and fishing pier.

The Policía Ecológica will be presented at a 1 p.m. ceremony in the courtyard of the Directorate of Public Security and Transit, an event that will be presided over by Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

On the lookout for litterers and clandestine dumps, the eco-agents will make rounds throughout the city, Chelem and Chuburna under the supervision of Chief Emilio Raúl Caamal Gutiérrez. They will have their own patrol vehicles and be empowered to impose fines on polluters.

More details of the squad’s functions will be announced at the ceremony.

This will be the first municipality in Yucatan to have a section of the ecological police, which is part of the City Council’s plans to solve the serious problem of garbage, put an end to clandestine dumps and throw garbage on public roads.

Last Tuesday, the Commune launched a program of cleaning and sanitation in the mangroves and estuary of this port.

Then about 10 tons of all kinds of garbage were collected.

Cleaning up pollution has been on top of the mayor’s agenda since he took office Sept. 1. One of his first actions was to toughen enforcement against litterbugs, who can face jail if caught dumping garbage illegally.

Tourist trade

Meanwhile, the second Saturday of January was crowded and lively: many local, national and foreign passers-by met on the beach and enjoyed the good weather that prevailed all day.

Weather conditions improved after Saturday dawned with cool temperatures. Seas were calm and left little sargasso on the coast.

Service providers reported a good day thanks to the good weather.

Sunday is expected to bring another influx of visitors, with more sunny weather in the forecast. Ports are open to fishing and recreational navigation.

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