Progreso exports rise over 50%, but are dwarfed by imports

Exports have risen over 50 percent in Progreso.
Exports have risen over 50 percent in Progreso.

Ships at Progreso exported 390,000 tons of cargo between January and May, an increase of 53.5 percent, according to port officials.

The federal agency indicated that Progreso’s Puerto de Altura is one of the most active and fastest growing ports in Mexico. The port handles 40 percent of total exports in Mexico.

The vast majority of exports leaving Progreso are related to the textile and food industry.

According to the Inegi, the federal office that keeps statistics, exports represent approximately 6 percent of Yucatan’s gross domestic product.

In addition, the state Ministry of Economic Development says that 80 percent of Yucatecan exports head across the Gulf to the United States.

According to the same report, imports also registered significant growth between January and May, at least by weight. Imports rose 15.6 percent to 1.6 million tons.

Yucatan’s main imports are agricultural bulk, minerals, loose general merchandise and containerized goods, as well as petroleum products, fluids and fuels.

To strengthen the port infrastructure, state officials announced that three new cranes will help load and unload merchandise in Progreso in the coming months.

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