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Progreso police demand overdue raises and overtime pay

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Progreso police haven’t received a raise in three years. Photo: Punto Medio

Progreso, Yucatán — Speaking to the media, municipal police broke their silence and accused the municipal administration of depriving them of much-needed pay raises for three years.

The under-resourced force endured four consecutive days of often excessive Carnaval celebrations, with 24-hour shifts that included only short periods of rest and little food, they complained.

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Another police officer said that after the celebrations, they were not compensated for the extra time spent on duty.

“The Carnaval days had us quartered 24 hours a day and we did not receive payment for overtime, and at the beginning of the year we received  no increase in salary,” they told Punto Medio.

“Also in the last three years we have not increased in salary, since the last administration, we have been earning about 2,700 pesos every two weeks and there are no increases for us, everything goes up and the salary equal,” they said.

“Since the last administration was the last time we received an increase, but in this, what is going, we are going from bad to worse,” they added, in Spanish.

The “Fortaseg” program under which police receive resources is a farce, they said, because it pays for uniforms, but not salaries.

Source: Punto Medio

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