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Progreso port terminal has doubled in volume in 2 years

Investments will modernize and expand container terminal on Gulf

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Progreso’s container terminal has doubled in volume over the last two years. Photo: Courtesy

APM Terminals Yucatan announced that it will expand and modernize its container terminal at the Port of Progreso.

The Netherlands-based company reports tremendous growth at the Progreso terminal, doubling its volume in the last two years. This year alone the terminal expects 20-35% further growth.

The terminal connects the region through five vessels a week, including direct connections with the U.S. and Europe. To continue this growth, APM Terminals has committed to investing in the terminal to meet the needs of importers and exporters in the region and shipping lines, according to a company statement.

“We are committed to the long-term sustainable development of the region and are delighted to announce that we have signed an addendum with the port authority to commence a 20% expansion of the yard to support the region’s growing trade needs, as well as other investments to improve productivity and efficiency. This represents a significant additional investment on top of the US$22.6 million that has already been invested in the terminal since the concession began in 2005,” says Martijn Koolen, Managing Director of APM Terminals Yucatan.

The modernization, which will represent an important investment by APM Terminals, will include a 20% expansion of the yard capacity, representing an investment of US$714,000 and two new reach stackers to improve operational productivity.

“Our vision is to provide customers with a fully-fledged logistics zone to help importers/customer manage their end-to-end supply chains,” explains Koolen.

The terminal employs 82 direct staff and generates approximately 1,000 indirect jobs across the logistics chain.

Source: Press release

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