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Progreso will have Latin America’s largest shipyard

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The present shipyard off the Progreso Pier. Photo: Puertos Yucatan
The present shipyard off the Progreso Pier. Photo: Puertos Yucatan

Progreso, Yucatán — Already home to the world’s longest pier, this port city is on track to have Latin America’s largest shipyard.

The shipyard off the pier will be expanded into largest and most modern shipyard Latin America, announced Diques Peninsulares.

Dipensa, as the company is known, will invest about 375 thousand million pesos over five years, according to officials.

“It will have the latest technology of the world’s merchant shipping, we will compete with the best shipyards in the world, this project put to the Yucatan and Mexico in the competition of the global shipping industry, we will become the best, the most efficient and profitable in Latin America,” said the CEO of Dipensa, Rubén Peniche Pasos.

Photo: El Financiaro
Photo: El Financiaro

The shipyard already in operation generates about 400 skilled jobs.

In the first stage the project would serve about 600 boats that can not be aided in ports at Veracruz and Tampico.

In the second stage of the yard will service oil rigs and have the capability of building and assembling ships and oil platforms. Building is due to being in five years to the tune of 475 million pesos.

The shipyard is on the tip of the world’s longest pier, 6.5 km long, stretching beyond the limestone shelf that prevents ships from coming nearer to shore. It also receives cruise ships and cargo vessels several times a week.

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