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Progreso’s infrastructure upgrades are under way

From water pumps to street pavers, a series of improvements has begun

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A government entourage tours an aging pumping station that serves Progreso. It will be replaced as part of a series of infrastructure upgrades. Photo: Courtesy

Progreso, Yucatan — The first stages of an infrastructure project is well under way in the port city.

With a budget of almost 60 million pesos, the city is being revitalized for the benefit of both locals and visitors, government officials said. Upgrades are both cosmetic and substantial.

Progreso’s notoriously unreliable drinking water supply system, for example, is being upgraded with a budget of 26 million pesos.

The governor recently inspected the malecon and Progreso’s main roads to see new benches, trees, bike paths and lighting, some which are being buried underground. Calle 23 between Calle 80 and 78, adjacent to some of the city’s most visible off-beach shops and restaurants, is being converted to a pedestrian mall.

A more stylish roadway along the beach is part of the plan to lift Progreso’s image. Photo: Courtesy

Progreso’s Casa de Cultura cultural center is also getting a refreshed facade, and new pavers will be found under foot, with supervision from INAH.

Almost 500 linear meters of bicycle path will be built and more than 5,000 square meters of sidewalks and 7,400 square meters of streets will be repaired.

While shop keepers are being inconvenienced by the work, state officials promise the hassle will be worth it.

More than 10 million pesos will be spent for the replacement and improvement of the electromechanical equipment, for a more efficient energy consumption and better care of the aquifer.

The second phase pays attention to the pipes that deliver the water. For 15.7 million pesos, workers will find and repair leaks along 24 kilometers of the 18-inch pipeline from the Tamanché Cacarmo station to Progreso.

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