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Promoting Mérida as a retirement destination

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CNN Money calls Mérida the best place in the world to retire in 2017.

Mérida, Yucatán — For years, English-speaking journalists and bloggers have touted the city’s strengths as a place to retire abroad. But the city has aimed its campaigns at tourists more than expat retirees. 

That should change, say Chamber of Commerce officials, encouraged by a recent CNN Money report that ranks Mérida as the best place in the world to retire. 

The municipality did capitalize on the CNN report, distributing a rare English-language graphic that shared the news. 

But business leaders told the media that an ongoing campaign should remind retirees of Mérida’s high standard of living, generally low cost, safety and constant stream of cultural offerings. 

A foreigner can make their way here for as little as 36,000 pesos (US$1,800) a month, the report says.

While no officials numbers exist, CNN cites an estimate of 3,000 U.S. and Canadian retirees already have made their home in Mérida.

Panama City and Cuenca, Ecuador, were the second and third favorite cities respectively in CNN’s list of cities suitable for retirement abroad. 

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