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Proposal to punish parents who put kids on motorcycles is set aside

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Children will legally be allowed to hop a ride on motorcycles in Yucatan, for now. Photo: Facebook

A proposed law which would have banned small children in Yucatan from riding on motorcycles has been withdrawn.

The measure, which was nearing a vote in state Congress, was withdrawn by its sponsor, Victor Merari Sanchez Roca, after several communities objected.

The ban would have imposed a difficult adjustment in poorer communities where transportation options are limited, lawmakers were told. Motorcycles and scooters are growing in popularity where cars are financially out of reach for many families.

Sanchez Roca said he wanted to gather more information from communities affected before re-introducing the ban.

The measure would have punished parents who let kids under 5 piggyback on motorcycles. Older children would only be allowed to ride if they can reach the foot pegs and hold on by themselves.

Local media regularly report fatal motorcycle accidents, often involving children.

Source: Punto Medio

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