Proposed: Protect and promote artisans in Yucatán under state constitution

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PRI lawmaker Karla Franco Blanco presented a proposal to guarantee the rights of artisans under Yucatán’s constitution. 

Artisans would be acknowledged by law with the aim of promoting their value to the economy while encouraging the sector’s growth and development. 

Franco Blanco said that tourists are growing in numbers not just to visit archaeological zones but also to acquire artisan products made by Yucatecan hands.

In 2021, the state-run Casa de las Artesanías — an outlet for authentic handicrafts — was shut down. Everything related to public policy on artisan matters was transferred to the Yucateco Institute of Entrepreneurs, which has broader priorities in general. 

PRI Deputy Karla Franco Blanco in Yucatán. Photo: Courtesy

That is why, stressed Franco Blanco, this reform cannot be postponed so that artisans have constitutional mandates that fully recognize their economic rights. Their activity would be positioned within the highest local hierarchical order and recognizing their cultural importance, in addition to their care and availability of social security and training.

 “This recognition of a social-economic nature will have to be promoted and increased in conditions of dignity for the people who live from its production. Likewise, it makes it possible for everything related to artisanal activity, admired by the entire world, to be considered as part of the state obligations that converge in favor of better living conditions for those who make their livelihood from this laudable work. It is fair to give them a specific and valuable place in our social and legal events,” she told local media.

The state lawmaker, who chairs the Commission for Economic Development and Employment Promotion in Congress, added that her initiative will open a range of opportunities in the craft sector.

“It is time to generate legislative actions for the sake of progress that reinforce people’s access to their social and economic rights in an inclusive manner. Without a doubt, this reform will mark a before and after in the growth, protection and institutional rescue of the thousands of artisan activities in Yucatán,” she said.

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