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Rabies scare prompts desperate measures in Progreso

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Stray animals in Progreso are at risk of euthanasia while authorities battle a rabies outbreak. Photo: Faceboook

Progreso, Yucatán — Stray cats and dogs will be euthanized if found roaming the streets of the port city.

The City Council announced the measure last week as they aim to control the recent rabies outbreak.

The Council justified its decision by citing an official Ministry of Health standard.

“Although we are aware of the rights of animals, it is our moral and legal obligation to ensure the health of our population,” the statement said, in Spanish.

Animals with a tag indicating they have been vaccinated are safe from being rounded up, said officials.

In addition to Progreso, Hoctún and Mérida have reported cases of rabies in cats and dogs after a 20-year lull of the fatal virus. The state is stepping up a door-to-door vaccination and education campaign in zones where rabies have been detected.

Avoid contact with stray animals, health officials strongly advise.

Rabies attacks the central nervous system, and symptoms — when they appear — manifest in hostile or disoriented behavior. A bite from any animal, even one without outward symptoms, is cause to consult a doctor.

With prompt attention, rabies is totally preventable in humans with just a few shots in the arm.

But rabies is nearly 100 percent fatal in animals. 

Source: Sipse

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