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Rain brings a great variety of fruit to the markets

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Huayas, mangos, saramullos, pitayas and mamey are abundant at Lucas de Gálvez market. Photo: Sipse

The Lucas de Gálvez market is painted in the colors of seasonal fruits.

On Sunday, shipments of pitahayas, huayas, mangos, saramuyos and mamey arrived, a bounty resulting from the recent rains.

This fruit season starts in June and runs until the end of August.

The saramuyo is 40 pesos for a plato, soursop is 50 pesos per kilo, and pitahaya is 15 pesos each. Mamey — whose flavors and nutritional values were previously reported — is 15 pesos for three, the mango is 15 each.

With summer come not only the rains, but the opportunity to enjoy something sweet, natural and delicious — and locally grown.

Some fruits of this season are exotic to the eye and very interesting for the palate, worthy of trying and, of course, trying again. Already, they’re for sale in numerous fruit stands and markets around the city

One of these delicacies is the pitahaya, which stands out for its flavor and pink color.

Among the most anticipated of the season is the huaya, also known as guaya, quenepa or Spanish lime. Described as a cross between a lychee and a lime, many people here eat them with chile and lemon. It is one of the many exotic fruits harvested in the Yucatecan countryside.

Source: Sipse

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