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Rain stops Leones’ hot streak, postponing final ‘Peninsular Classic’ game

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Rain in Campeche ended the Leones hopes of sweeping the series on Sunday. Photo: Leones

Ciudad Campeche, Campeche — A rainout doused fans’ hopes for a clean sweep on Sunday.

The final game in the “Peninsular Classic” series against cross-Peninsula rival Campeche was postponed after two decisive Leones wins.

A fourth game will be folded into the next Leones-Piratas matchup, starting Aug. 9. The Aug. 10 game will be a double-header.

The Leones get the day off today, returning to home field Tuesday to face Tabasco for a new three-game series.

Yucatan is on a hot streak, winning five consecutive games, including a shutout in Tabasco. Overcoming a less successful early start to the season, the Leones are now third in the South Conference, winning 48 out of 90 games played so far.

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