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Recoveries improve as daily COVID cases drop below 100

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SSY doctors deliver Sunday’s coronavirus briefing. Photo: Facebook / Yucatán government

Daily coronavirus infections and hospital admissions dropped into two-digit territory for the first time in 17 months while the recovery rate approached 90%, Yucatán health ministry data suggests.

In 24 hours Yucatán counted 89 new COVID-19 cases, doctors said Sunday. That is a dramatic improvement over the summer surge that saw 250-300 daily new infections.

Hospitalizations had not dipped below 100 since May 13, 2020, but were at 98 on Sunday.

Six coronavirus fatalities — three men and three women ranging in age from 52 to 79 — were also reported Sunday. A 53-year-old man in Homún had no comorbidities while the remaining five had health complications.

The recovery rate has climbed from 85% in January to 90%, health ministry data also indicates. While an improvement, the rate is far lower than other countries where 97-98% of patients recover, not counting long-term health effects such as heart or lung damage.

An official total of 67,800 patients recovered out of 75,371 infected, according to the SSY. It is generally acknowledged that the true number of coronavirus cases across Yucatán is unknowable.

A weeklong campaign begins today to offer second doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine for residents in their 30s and between 18 and 29 in 69 municipalities in the state’s interior. Mérida teens with health risks will be vaccinated this week. Participants must be registered.

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