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Recreational vehicles will be confiscated, says Progreso mayor

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While roads into Progreso are outside the mayor’s control, more patrols have been ordered on local roads and beaches. Photo: La Jornada Maya

Despite the fact that Progreso Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi has repeatedly urged the population not to visit the port for a spring vacation, hundreds of vacationers are still slipping in.

Some are visiting their beach houses, or have rented one. The owner of one beach club shut down, but commented online that she was astonished to be besieged with numerous reservation requests.

Against this background, the municipality announced that they will confiscate any recreational motor vehicle or boat on the coast.

After years of welcoming Easter holiday visitors, now port towns are struggling to hold them back, especially during a stream of hot, sunny days and early school closures.

“The fact of practicing water sports, sailing on boats or having parties and bathing in the sea in a group way, when entire families have been taking care of themselves and taking precautions against the pandemic for several weeks, not only shows indolence in the current circumstances, also a high degree of social irresponsibility,” said Zacarías Curi.

While highways and bridges are under federal jurisdiction, the mayor has authority over local roads and he has ordered increased patrols not only in Progreso but in Chicxulub, Chelem and Chuburná Puerto comisarías.

“I take this opportunity to communicate that I have requested the confiscation of any marine or land motor vehicle that is detected being used recreationally on our coasts,” concluded the mayor of Progreso.

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