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Register online for the coronavirus vaccine in 10 steps

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Vikki Hilllman and Carlos Che are owners/operators at Merida Expat Services, which helps foreigners navigate the nuts and bolts of life in Yucatan. Vikki hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and Carlos is a native Meridano.
Coronavirus vaccines are slowly rolling out. Photo: iStock

On Tuesday morning, the federal government announced that it opened the mivacuna.salud.gob.mx platform to start registering all adults over 60 years of age, to assign them a vaccination center to receive a dose against COVID-19.

Please be patient as there have been some glitches on the site, but they are fixing and updating.

Merida Expat Service has translated government information to help English-speaking residents — not people here on a tourist visa — register. You will need a CURP number, taken from your ID card, and a Mexican phone number.

Here are the 10 steps to register:

  1. Enter the page https://mivacuna.salud.gob.mx. The federal government indicates that older adults can rely on friends and family who have access to the internet. Once on the electronic site, the CURP must be entered; download a registration guide and consult the privacy notice. NOTE: Please use the Google translate tool if necessary once you are on the actual page. The CURP can be consulted in case it is not known or is not available.
  2. Enter the CURP, which is on the front of your resident card.
  3. Verify that the information is correct and select the option “I want to be vaccinated.” In the event that the data does not match, press “return” and confirm the CURP data that was entered.
  4. Select the entity and municipality where you are currently living. It does not matter if this address does not match your official identification. The important thing is to know where you are currently in order to register at your nearest vaccination center.
  5. Add your postal code and contact information such as one or more telephone numbers and email, either personal or family members.
  6. In “Contact Notes” you can add more details such as the time you prefer to be called or if the phone belongs to a family member or friend.
  7. Click on “Send.”
  8. Once this message appears, you can request your receipt by clicking the “receipt” button.
  9. In case of error, request the clarification call and provide a 10-digit telephone number to be located and corrected. Click “submit.”
  10. Once you have registered, wait for a call from a clinic worker who will provide you with the date and place where you can go to get vaccinated.

The federal government indicates that no one can ask for money or bank details, since vaccination is free.

It indicates that registration in rural communities without an internet connection will be through the Integration Centers or public computers in the community.

The federal government asks that after having received the vaccination date, older adults must arrive 15 minutes in advance, and only carry an official identification card. You should have already eaten breakfast and taken any of your usual medications.

The federal government indicates that older adults will be checked to confirm that there are no signs or symptoms that prevent vaccination. After this, health personnel will apply the vaccine and send you to an observation area for 30 minutes.

The federal government indicates that older adults should not forget that even after the vaccination they should continue to wear face masks, perform hand hygiene and keep safe distance measures.

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