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Repaving will require lane closures on the Prolongación

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Merida, Yucatan — If you’re driving from the Centro to the new Chapur right now, there’d better be a heck of a sale going on.

Repaving on the Prolongación de Montejo began this morning at 10, and and is expected to snarl traffic until the end of February.

With a joint investment of 31.4 million pesos, the state and city government is resurfacing stretches of both the Prolongación and Calle 60 Norte.

Roads will be partially closed from Avenida Cámara de Comercio, perhaps Merida’s craziest intersection, to the flagpole roundabout in Col. Cordemex, between Plaza Galerias and Via Montejo.

“This will result in almost five kilometers of repaved roads where we will invest 15,842,687.60 pesos (roughly US$841,577.51) with our own resources,” said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

During the process, the City Council will change out 100 outmoded street lamps outside Liverpool and the Siglo XXI convention center. Sodium vapor lights will be swapped for LED technology.

“We will also install an irrigation system of 2,455 linear meters for the green areas that will be placed as part of these works. One thousand linear meters will correspond from the monument to the flag to the roundabout of the Siglo XXI; another 1,060 meters from the point of Siglo 21 to the INAH building, and 395 more that will be placed from Calle 5-B from the Siglo XXI roundabout to the parking lot,” said the mayor, citing a 10.9 million pesos budget.

A storm drain system with 22 wells and ditches is also under construction.

Aware of the commercial interests in the area, work will be scheduled to inconvenience drivers as little as possible, the mayor said. Lanes will be open during peak traffic hours, when possible.

Work is scheduled to end Feb. 28.

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