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Rescue of overboard cruise ship worker is ‘miraculous’

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Norwegian Getaway. Photo: Courtesy

A crew member from a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico was rescued by another cruise ship nearly a day after he fell overboard.

The 33-year-old Filipino man was seen going overboard from the Cozumel-bound Norwegian Getaway about 28 miles northwest of Pinar del Rio, Cuba, on Saturday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

A Coast Guard plane couldn’t locate him, but another cruise ship did – the Carnival Glory, 21 miles north of Cuba early Sunday afternoon. A cabin steward spotted the crew member waving his arms.

Bridge officers turned the ship around and deployed a lifeboat to retrieve the man.

“This is nothing short of miraculous,” said Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy. “Kudos to the Carnival Glory team for this amazing effort to rescue a fellow seafarer.”

The crew member is in stable condition, the Coast Guard said.

The Getaway can boast a rescue of its own. In late January, its crew rescued a group of distressed sailors off the coast of Belize. The ship was sailing on a seven-day western Caribbean cruise.

Source: Raycom News Network, Cruise Law News, Travel Agent News

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