Residents block CFE truck, force worker to restore neighborhood’s power

Blackouts and brownouts are common during Yucatan's heat wave

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The CFE is struggling to keep up with power outages in the heat wave. Photo: Punto Medio

Merida, Yucatan — Frustrated residents on Tuesday forcibly kept a CFE utility worker in their neighborhood until their electricity was restored.

Without power since Saturday, and enduring the ongoing heat wave, homeowners blocked the utility worker’s truck. The tactic worked.

A burned-out transformer was replaced and the residents of Xoclán got their power back — for now.

Small-scale blackouts and brownouts in southeast Mexico have been constant in recent days.

Complaints reported on social media indicate that the CFE — Mexico’s electric utility — is struggling to keep up with demand on all three Yucatan Peninsula states.

Around the Yucatan capital, power failures, which often lead to water-pressure problems, were reported from Kanasín to Xoclán, Los Reyes and Las Americas.

Calls to the CFE hotline, 071, went unanswered, customers said.

The west-side residents who cornered the CFE worker had been sleeping outside because their homes were unbearable without fans.

“For that reason we had to stop the truck,” said one resident, who insisted the confrontation was peaceful.

Source: Punto Medio

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