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Restaurant owners to confront food truck boom

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El Curi is one of Mérida’s hippest food trucks. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — The Spanish phrase for “food truck” is … “food truck.”

That’s how new the concept is, at least in its contemporary iteration.

Food trucks have been growing rapidly. They are known for great meals. But are food trucks also restaurantes?

The roving eateries currently work without regulation, but if that could change if they are recognized as official restaurant units, said Carlos Campos Achach, president of the National Chamber Of the Restaurant and Food Industry (CANIRAC).

An analysis of the situation will be made Friday, June 26, at a meeting, he told local reporters. Their decision could affect food trucks nationally.

The chamber has influence over how localities regulate restaurants, including health codes and operating hours.

“It is a new and welcome trend that generates jobs, but it is important that they be regulated. Then this 26th we have the meeting and we will recommend actions to all the other state delegations,” said the Yucatecan restaurant entrepreneur, quoted in Spanish in Reporteros Hoy.

An estimated 30 food trucks generate just over 1,000 direct jobs in Yucatán. The trend grew by 30 percent nationally in 2015.

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