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Road closures, alternate routes coming at Progreso connector

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The periférico’s outdated Progreso exit will be demolished and replaced. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — State and federal authorities are preparing a new phase in its 204-million-peso project to modernize the “Puente a Progreso.”

To modernize the Progreso exit, workers will have to close the road, demolish it and rebuild, affecting 100,000 vehicles that circulate daily in the area.

The road system, just north of the Via Montejo project, was built 24 years ago when average daily traffic was 5,400 vehicles.

Authorities have marked 12 alternate routes to the periférico’s Progreso connector.

Detours will be needed before the end of the month, when the main transit points will be closed, said Eric Rubio Barthell, coordinator of state government advisers.

A rendering reveals what the road system will look like at the Progreso exit.

Workers will demolish 70 percent of the current highway system at the Progreso exit, leaving only the original columns that elevate the highway.

The public will be informed about road closures and detours a week in advance, the state official said. Signs will be posted at least 10 kilometers ahead of the work zones and police will guide drivers.

Drivers were advised to use caution and allow for more time to reach their destinations.

Work is expected to take around 10 months.

The payoff comes in the form of a wider road, from 9.5 to 17.5 meters, and an upgrade from two to four lanes.

A ramp’s awkwardly steep slope will also be a thing of the past, officials said.

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