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Road improvements ease trips between Science Park and coast

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Progreso, Yucatán — A modernized road connecting Chuburná Puerto with remote Sierra Papacal and the science park was completed on schedule and opened ceremoniously over the weekend.

The state invested 50 million pesos to transform a crude 14-kilometer/8.6-mile path into a wider, newly paved highway. Construction began in February.

Gov. Rolando Zapata Bello on Saturday inaugurated and toured the new stretch of road.

Before residents in the main square of Chuburná Puerto, Zapatta Bello said the project was citizen priority, not only for facilitating public mobility, but also to encourage tourism. The Chicxulub Crater Museum at the Scientific and Technological Park, for example, is easier to reach now that the road is improved.

Steps are also being taken to reestablish a direct public transport route to Mérida, which ended operations six years ago because buses kept getting damaged on the bumpy road.

Almost half of the road was widened, from four meters/14 feet to seven meters/30 feet, to ease two-way traffic and larger vehicles. The other half remains narrow to preserve the area’s flora and fauna. While lanes are painted, no lights were installed on the highway.

Source: Press release

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