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A road paved with flowers at Mejorada

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A “Camino de Flores” in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — A “Camino de Flores” has overtaken a stretch of road alongside Parque Mejorada.

The exhibit, which highlights regional flowers, birds, embroidery and insects, will last until Sunday, April 9.

A “Camino de Flores” in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

The floral spread, which is about 100 meters long, is on Calle 50-A between 57 and 59. The Sunday Biciruta will be re-routed to allow pedalists to appreciate the petals.

The flower trail will also have programs for children to mark the beginning of spring. Kids will learn about not only flowers and birds, but also be instilled with the values of environmentalism and the preservation of traditions.

A “Camino de Flores” in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

The birds, such as hummingbird and cardinal, are shaped from 2-meter-high foliage. Bees and butterflies are also part of the menagerie.

More than 50,000 plants are part of the presentation, including traditional Mayan Xpujuc, chrysanthemums and fuchsia.

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