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Road safety is a basic human right, says workshop leader

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Ole Thorson speaks at a panel in Barcelona, where a road-safety workshop was held. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida Yucatán — Walk, don’t run, or drive very carefully to this free workshop on road safety.

Visión Cero (Vision Zero) will present speakers and instructors to discuss the latest ideas in the field of road mobility.

The event will be held at Universidad Modelo from March 19 to 23.

It’s a fitting topic for a city whose rapid growth has been a tough adjustment.

Someone dies every day and-a-half on Yucatán’s roads.

Leading off the workshop is facilitator Ole Thorson to discuss programs in Sweden and Barcelona that helped cars and pedestrians safely coexist.

On the second day of the workshops, the presentation “Safe and Sustainable Mobility” will be presented by Laura Ballesteros. On Friday, the final day of the conference, Luis Hernández Vázquez, general director of the Metropolitan Intermunicipal Institute for the Planning of Sustainable Integral Development of Veracruz, will present a workshop which looks at road safety as a basic human right.

Cars in Mérida have increasingly crowded the road while many citizens still rely on bicycles, motorcycles or their own two feet for mobility. But in a city that appears to be designed mainly for cars, highways here appear increasingly dangerous for both drivers and pedestrians.

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