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October deadline for road work around Siglo XXI

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Siglo XXI Mérida
New roads will help traffic flow around the Siglo XXI Convention Center in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy

Mérida, Yucatán — By early October, nearly 1.8 kilometers of roads will be reconfigured to ease traffic around one city’s northern hot spots.

State officials have spent more than 22 million pesos on improving the street systems that surround the Siglo XXI Convention Center and the tangle of hotels and shops around it. Previously, the highway led to a confusing mixture of access roads and parking lots, seemingly built with no master plan.

Since March, workers have laid 4,872 square meters of sidewalk and have installed 174 light posts, 20 storm drains and 24 planters. Greening the area meant planting 68 trees and relocating another 63 to various housing complexes in Mérida.

Roundabouts are planned for a future stage of the project, officials said.

The current state administration has spent 600 million pesos on road infrastructure, the governor’s office states.

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