Rock band’s equipment truck hijacked and emptied on way to Cancun

Enrique Rangel, from left, Emmanuel del Real, Ruben Albarran and Joselo Rangel, of the musical group Cafe Tacvba, perform in Pasadena, Calif, in 2014. Photo: AP

Saturday’s concert in Cancun will go as planned despite a robbery that stripped the Grammy-winning band of its musical instruments.

Mexican rock band Cafe Tacvba, once dubbed the “Mexican Beatles” by Rolling Stone, said its equipment truck was targeted in a highway robbery Thursday.

The truck was headed to Cancun in preparation for the show when it was attacked in an early-morning hijacking, according to the band’s Twitter account.

“Two of our crew members were brutally beaten and briefly kidnapped,” it said in a report published by news service AFP.

“Our instruments and equipment, indispensable for any Cafe Tacvba show, were ROBBED,” reads the post, in Spanish.

Federal police later found the empty truck abandoned along the highway, which is notorious for hijackings. The road connects the central city of Puebla with Cancun.

The band appealed to the authorities to help get its instruments back. But it said it would go ahead with its scheduled concert Saturday in Cancun regardless.

Known for fusing rock with traditional Mexican folk music, Cafe Tacvba has won nine Latin Grammys and a Grammy since it was founded in 1989. They have a busy schedule ahead, as the tour continues to Orziba and Torreon.

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