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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Rock-star violinist David Garrett returns to Mérida

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David Garrett returns to Mérida this month. Photo: Getty

The German violinist with a rock-star appeal, David Garrett, returns to Merida on Wednesday as part of his “Explosivo” tour.

Music will range from Mozart to Metallica, along with his own compositions.

The stop is his second visit to the Coliseo Yucatan. He first performed here in December 2015.

Born in Germany to an American prima ballerina and a German jurist, Garrett was a child prodigy who received his first Stradivarius violin at the age of 11. That was thanks to the generosity of German president at the time, Richard von Weizsäcker. He supplemented his studies by modeling.

Around 10 years ago, he accidentally destroyed his Strad, when he tripped and fell on it.

David Garrett studied at the Lübeck Conservatory and with Ida Haendel as a mentor, and at Juillard.

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