Rockin’ pizza shop, run out of Cancun, coming to Mérida

A chain’s cochinita pibil pizza comes to Mérida. Photo: Pizza Del Perro Negro

Mérida, Yucatán —  A pizza chain that seems like it should have always been in the capital city is finally on its way.

It’s not known exactly when Pizzeria del Perro Negro is moving here, or exactly where they are setting up shop, but news of their plans to come here has social media buzzing.

The Black Dog pizzeria is famous throughout Mexico City and Guadalajara for its rock-and-roll attitude, and for toppings such as chiles rellenos bathed in tomatillo cream, or chicken chilaquiles with salsa verde. One pie, the “Team Gastelum,” is loaded with poblano strips, onion, cream sauce and spinach.

The chef has nerve enough to serve Mérida’s signature dish on a pizza pie. Called the “Caníbal,” it is likely to be popular in Mérida — if they do it right. It’s topped with cochinita pipil, pickled onion and habanero.

Mérida’s gain is another city’s loss. The chain’s Cancun location closed in March over security concerns. An armed group entered the premises on Avenida Nichupte. They attacked staff and customers, leaving 10 injured, including the manager.

Other Perro Negro toppings include mashed potato with pepperoni, Buffalo chicken, carnitas and Tacos Viejos, which are potato basket tacos with chicharrón, onions and green sauce.

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