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Roster for Mérida Fest 2018 still a work in progress

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The International Light Festival returns to Mérida in January. Photo: FILUX

Mérida, Yucatán — The FILUX international light festival returns in January for Mérida Fest 2018.

The celebration begins in the first hours of Friday, Jan. 5, and lasts three weeks. It floods the city with theatrical performances, concerts and art exhibits throughout the Centro, concluding with fireworks.

Its biggest challenge is to follow up on the Cultural Capital Year of 2017, a constant stream of entertainment and events that will conclude at the end of December.

Mérida Fest is a sweeping celebration of the city’s 476th anniversary. It is known throughout the country as a cultural project on a grand scale.

As usual, about 50 local artists with municipal funding will participate in Mérida Fest. Cumbia, an African/Caribbean-infused dance performance, is planned in collaboration with the city’s Chamber Orchestra.

And the return of the FILUX, a series of avant-garde light installations that lead visitors along various spots in the Centro, will be back.

But other than that, the city has not published a roster for an event less than a month away. A detailed schedule was promised at the beginning of the week.

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