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Rules eased for booze and restaurants, fair canceled, under imminent pact

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An Economic Reactivation Pact, reportedly close to being signed, would alter the course Yucatan has taken to navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Local media reported several items on the pact, which could be signed in a week. But “it is not firm yet,” said Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal, who is negotiating details with business leaders.

Among the provisions likely to be approved:

  • Restaurants could stay open Saturdays and Sundays and serve alcohol until 6 p.m. in exchange for closing two other days of the week.
  • The “dry law” would be lifted in early September, but in-person retail sales would be banned. The only way to buy beer, wine or liquor would be by home delivery. The measure should seem familiar to anyone here just months ago.
  • Bus stops will be relocated and public transportation vehicles that slice through the Centro would be rerouted to avoid clusters of passengers crowding the narrow sidewalks. Exactly what new bus routes would look like was not disclosed.
  • Buses and vans could increase capacity on condition that protective partitions are installed and passengers wear facemasks.
  • The Xmatkuil Fair and the Independence Day parade on Sept. 16 would be suspended, and the “Grito” or “Cry” of Independence would be boiled down to a simpler ceremony without the normal Plaza Grande gathering.

If hospital occupancy indicators go up due to the COVID-19 outbreak, business leaders promised to abide by red-light restrictions.

Source: Diario de Yucatan

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