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‘Safe Yucatan’ program adds 4 new coastal patrol boats

More cameras, including some on drones, beef up state police toolbox against crime

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A “Safe Yucatan” program is beefing up coastal patrols here. Photo: Courtesy

Four new coastal patrols will provide surveillance, reconnaissance and rescues along 387 kilometers / 240 miles of Yucatan coast, state officials announced.

The “Yucatan Seguro” (“Safe Yucatan”) program also includes 3,527 new high-tech surveillance cameras and 1,000 additional security cameras, 119 highway platforms for placing cameras, six high-tech drones and a surveillance aircraft. Intelligent traffic lights, 50 public call posts with panic buttons and four specialized boats will guard the coast.

Yucatan’s Ministry of Public Security announced that their new boats are designed to protect fishermen and expedite their response time to reports of criminal acts and emergencies at sea.

The state police work out of 12 maritime ports of the state: Celestun, Sisal, Progreso, Chuburna, Yucalpeten, Telchac, Chabihau, Dzilam de Bravo, San Felipe, Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas and El Cuyo.

Officers on the four new 38-foot, high-speed patrol boats will guard against illegal catches and dismantle clandestine fishing operations in coordination with the Mexican Navy.

Source: Press release

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