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Safety crackdown snags 4th and 5th night spot

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Mérida, Yucatán — Two more Centro bars have been snared in the city’s safety crackdown.

Agents shut down Calle 54 at 37, El Bullpen, formerly Cajerinas — and not related to El Bull Pen restaurant-bar in Chelem – and Los Remedios, formerly Bar Reforma, at 72 and 45.

Both businesses had previously been inspected and cited for irregularities that would endanger customers or staff, according to officials. They deny the actions have any connection to noise complaints.

That makes five establishments sanctioned by municipal authorities since a crackdown began March 10. The Mayan Pub and Pipiripau, both on Calle 62, were both found to have inadequate safeguards against fire or other emergencies. Then a new pub on Calle 64, Vidente, was closed on similar grounds.

All of them are still closed and have suspension seals pasted on their entrances.

Food and beverage establishments require fire extinguishers, evacuation routes and alarms, as well as safety zones and signals. All personnel must be trained in first aid and fire fighting.

Night-spot owners are already feeling the heat as residents intensify their protest against excessive noise. Another media event is planned today for residents to express their frustration with both bar owners and city officials.

With information from La Jornada Maya

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