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Salsa classes finally canceled after noise complaints from neighbors

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A dance school in the Aleman neighborhood, seen here before closed by authorities, was operating night and day despite the pandemic, reports Diario de Yucatan. Photo: Diario

A Cuban dance school in the Miguel Alemán neighborhood is covered with red stickers, shut down by authorities for excessive noise that kept neighbors up while teachers gave late-night salsa lessons.

Dance schools are also among the businesses not allowed to operate under coronavirus contingencies. This school not only stayed open, but operated at irregular hours, Diario de Yucatan reported.

Music for the classes was played at a high volume until late at night, sometimes until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays, neighbors told authorities.

Complaints began a year before the pandemic hit Yucatan, in March 2019, when the salsa school opened its doors on calles 27 and 14, alongside the “Cri Cri” roundabout. “It’s a tremendous scandal,” said the only neighbor willing to speak publicly, with others fearing reprisals from the owners.

Other complaints were around land use because the school operated in a residential area. Neighbors said the school also blocked the drainage system, causing the area to flood.

Before the closure, a neighbor’s 911 complaint resulted in a visit from the police, who asked the instructor to lower the volume. But the racket would resume the following day, a neighbor told Diario de Yucatan.

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