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Spring cleaning at San Marcos cenote

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san marcos cenote
A diver cleaning up the San Marcos Cenote, in Sacalum. Photo: Benjamin Magana / Facebook

Sacalum, Yucatán.— Members of the Ecologistas Sub Acuáticos de Yucatán, Fundación Bepensa, H. Ayuntamiento de Sacalum and Seduma Yucatán got together for a productive spring cleaning at the San Marcos Cenote in Sacalum.

Starting early Sunday, 37 people gathered to haul away what ended up being 89 kilograms, or almost 200 pounds, of debris.

The work of scuba divers Luis Felaco, Gabriel Delgado, Cristian Selun and Erick Sosa was documented by biologist and professional photographer Benjamin Magana.

San Marcos Cenote
Hundreds of pounds of litter was removed in an organized cleanup at San Marcos Cenote. Photo: Ecosuby / Facebook

On the surface, volunteer crews found another 49 kg, or 108 pounds, of glass liquor bottles, beer cans and other pieces of garbage such as diapers and disposable cups.

Traveling far

Volunteer networks reached as far as Toluca, Chiapas, Mexico City, Venezuela, France and even Argentina for the cause.

Evidence of alcohol consumption by the swimming hole is alarming, not just for the litter that results, but because of safety concerns. Drinking and swimming is among the leading causes of deaths at cenotes here.

Follow EcoSuby on Facebook to learn about future cleanups that you can join, or email ecosuby@gmail.com.

Celestun beach
Kindergarteners are led to the Celestún beach to learn about litter. Photo: El Sol del Poniente

Meanwhile, at the beach

In Celestún, a litter-awareness program took a kindergarten class out to the beach to collect garbage left behind by thoughtless visitors.

Celestun beach
Kindergarteners are led to the Celestún beach to learn about litter. Photo: El Sol del Poniente

The City Council, through the Department of Ecology, arranged the trip with the Emiliano Zapata preschool.

Mothers, municipal ecology director Luis Ortiz, as well as the director of the campus led the project, teaching the importance of separating organic and inorganic waste.

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